What legacy will you leave behind?

Cemeteries are not for everyone. Find a beautiful resting place with your own tree in our Massachusetts forest reserve.

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What is a memorial forest reserve?

Conifers instead of coffins. Groves instead of graves. Birdsongs instead of burial.

Return your ashes to the base of your own memorial tree in a serene forest reserve. Celebrate life with a natural return to the earth, and leave a lasting legacy by helping conserve the forest.

Why Eternal Roots

Return to the earth naturally

Your ashes are combined with forest soil 
and placed at the base of your own tree

Protect natural landscapes

Your memorial tree helps conserve the land and reforest areas where it's needed most

A ceremony as unique as you are

We work with you to design a personalized ceremony that honors
 your unique legacy

Do you want 
to leave a legacy 
of conservation?


Each year funerals use 
enough wood to build 4.5 million homes

100 acres of forest scrubs 36 million car miles of CO2 out of the air?

Our Forest

270 acres of peaceful forest in the foothills of the Berkshires

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Berkshires, our memorial forest is close to it all 
but a world apart. Less than 2 hours from Boston and just 20 minutes from Amherst and Northampton, come find your tree in our secluded sanctuary, walk our trails, and find serenity amidst the oaks and pines.

Our Mission

A better way to leave a legacy and 
conserve natural landscapes

At Eternal Roots, we're on a mission to provide a more natural, sustainable and uplifting way to leave a legacy. We believe 
that there is no better way to honor life than by surrounding 
it with living things, and no better legacy to leave than one 
of conservation.

What families are saying

“With my last act, I get to help protect a forest. I think that’s a beautiful thing to leave behind.”

Susan /  Massachussetts

“Eternal Roots is exactly the type of memorial option I’ve been searching for”

Gail /  Rhode Island

“I couldn’t imagine a choosing cemetery. I’m happy to have a natural and untouched place.”

Michael /  Massachussetts

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